Private Zagreb bike tour

Arriving in Zagreb too late?

Leaving Zagreb too early?

Wish to visit a special shop/place/monument... (which is not on our regular path)?

Want to cycle your preferred speed?

You're on a family trip and don't want your kids to be hurried/stopped/...?

Wish to surprise your friends on their honeymoon trip?

The guides' attention should be all yours and not shared?

We designed 2 bike tours in Zagreb back in 2010., when started our small business. Even those original two are not the same today. They were modified and customized to ideally meet our guests' wishes and expectations. There are 5 different predesigned Blue bike tours + a walking tour today, but we are aware that this might not be just the perfect for you when visiting Zagreb. Therefore we have the option of a Private bike tour, so you can set your points of interest, your ideal starting time, your own pace and rhythm. Besides, you don't have to share a guide with others ;)

This tour includes a coffee break with your guide during which you will get the latest Zagreb tips and fascinating and often downright absurd Zagreb stories.

Usually, this option is used by newlyweds, when Blue Bike tour is purchased as a gift or a surprise, family trips, and so... but even if you don't belong to any of these groups with the Private tour you are getting the complete picture of Zagreb in a way that fits you the most. Mostly our Private tours are cycling tours but can be arranged as a walking one, too.

If you wish to keep the bike after we finish the tour for the rest of the day and explore some more on your own - it is yours for 50% of the original rent price! Have fun!


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