How much is the tour?

Basic price for our 2,5 hrs tours (Zagreb Highlights and Back to Socialism) is €29 per person. It may vary if you're on a tour on your own, or come with a group, or you're a student - the right answer you'll get when you choose a tour and date. Anyhow, it's worth every penny. 

How do I pay for the tour?

Tours are paid in cash afterward. For 2019. we are setting the online prepayment as well.

Can I just drop in?

Sure, but be aware that we limit our tours to 12 persons, so maybe your desired tour is fully booked. Anyhow, you can always try your luck!

How do I book?

Easy peasy! You can either use our booking form, send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call or text message us on +385 98 1883344 or +385 98 246320. Or see the link down right!

How can I find you?

If you're staying somewhere in the city center, you can often reach the main square (Ban Jelacic trg) within a 5-10 minute walk, depending on where you're staying. The main Tourist Information center is in the same square. Our courtyard is directly where Ban Jelacic monument is poking with his sword to ;)
Trams no. 1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 17, stop at Ban Josip Jelacic trg, that is the name of the stop as well. Public garages Langov trg, and Tuškanac are nearby as well.

How skilled of a bike rider do you need to be?

For our city tours, i.e. Highlights tour, Back to Socialism and All of Zagreb tour you just need to know to ride a bicycle, meaning to find your balance on two wheels. For Sljeme Adventures more skill and physical condition are required, but it doesn't mean that you have to a professional every-day cyclist!

Do you have a tour to speak e.g. Spanish?

Sure, we do have tours in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Russian - you have to book them at least a day in advance and there's the additional cost for languages other than English, 50€ per tour.

What if I have more questions?

You are very welcome to contact us. We respond promptly!

Can I just rent a bike?

Yes. The booking procedure is the same as with booking tours. Please visit Rent a bike too.
It would be good to let us know in advance if you're short or very tall, or if you plan to cycle in Zagreb's hilly surroundings so that we can make sure to prepare the right bicycles for you.

Is it possible to leave my luggage at your place during the tour?

You can put your bag, camera or smaller things in a bicycle basket, or if you've got suitcases or backpacks, you can leave it safely in our office.

What if it rains, or the weather looks bad?

We know that some of you cycle in the rain with no problem, but we like to avoid it. In case of rain or if there's a really bad forecast, we'll either reschedule the tour if that's possible for you, or do a walking tour with an umbrella ;)

When should I be at our meeting point?

It would be best to arrive 10 minutes before the tour so you have time to choose and adjust your bike and so we can start the tour without having to rush. If for some reason you're delayed, though, don't dismay - we're prepared for late dropping birds.

Is the bike tour safe?

ABSOLUTELY! We've had families with children, older folk and everyone in between, so don't worry. We mainly ride on bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and pedestrian areas. Only on about 10% of the whole route do we have to travel on the road, and that's on one-way streets with very little traffic.
It is not compulsory to wear a helmet here, but if you'd feel safer with a helmet, we'll provide you with one, for free.

Is the bike tour easy?

This isn't a race and you don't have to be an athlete to do the tour! We've had kids on bikes, parents with children in child seats, and even wonderful elderly folks – they've all managed it.
Zagreb is a flat city, ideal for cycling. There is only one uphill section 50m long on the Highlights Tour, which we usually go through while walking and talking.

Do we stop to take photos or get some refreshment?

Sure we do! We can stop wherever and whenever you want, for as long as you like!

Are we going to enter museums, galleries, churches, etc?

We don't visit the inside of any buildings, but we'll visit the outside of them and you'll get lots of information, including working hours and entering fees. We'll provide you with a good overview of the many places you'll want to explore further on your own.

How long does a tour last?

Each of our bike tours lasts 2-2,5 hours. If you combine the Zagreb Highlights tour with Back to Socialism tour it will last 4-4,5 hours.
Our walking tour lasts 1,5 hours.
If you'd prefer a Private tour or are in a group of 10+ people, we can arrange a special time, date and itinerary together.

Can I come with my own bike?

Why not? And you will save 5 €!

What if I want to reschedule my booking?

Just contact us and we'll find some other possibility. We're quick to reply and are basically online 24/7.

Can I cancel the booked tour?

Sure you can, don't worry. Since we don't charge you in advance, a simple e-mail or text message with the subject 'Cancelling the Tour' will do, but it's going to be your loss!