Bike tour Zagreb - happy guests with their guide

We started these city tours as a small family company because we wanted to share our love for Zagreb with all its visitors! Another reason we set it up was to show to guests that cycling is an immensely enjoyable way to explore Zagreb...

Since our start back in 2010, we perfected our services adjusting our offer to guests interests. It seems we did it right as we are recognized by Zagreb visitors as one of the best city tours in Zagreb. It turned out to be a great adventure and pleasure for us as well since we get to meet beautiful people from all over the world.

We're on our bikes every day and are convinced that cycling is the best way to get around town. It's efficient, quick, healthy and fun! People on bikes can be in the middle of it all and can experience this interesting city and its liveliness using all their senses. There's no better way to get to know and feel the city than to hop on a bike, with your eyes and hearts wide open!

Whether you're an everyday cyclist, weekend rider, or haven't cycled since your childhood, a Zagreb tour by bicycle is right for you. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to try the bikes, and we'll adjust them to your personal needs. If you are more solo-traveler kind of a person, we can just rent you a bike, and give you maps and instructions, so you can go on your own on a self-guided tour. 

All of our guides are well-experienced and genuine locals, with a fluent knowledge of English and other languages. They're friendly and willing to answer any type of questions you may have!

We're proud to be the very first, and still the leading company to offer you Zagreb bike tours, and hope that you'll join us for a great experience!

Come and hit the road with us!
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